September 10, 2005

Lawyers Follow GrokLaw posted an article covering PJ's site,

No one knows for sure who Pamela Jones is: where she's worked, where she lives, what she looks like or why she's so obsessed with a lawsuit by the SCO Group Inc. against IBM Corp.

But that doesn't stop lawyers embroiled in the breach of contract and trade secret violations case from being mesmerized by her Web site,

I'm a huge fan of PJ's work.  It is truly amazing to me that PJ and her supporters have put together so much information concerning the SCO litigation.


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February 13, 2005

Fake News from Lindon, Utah.

(via Groklaw) I got a good kick reading this funny story posted on about what would happen if IBM provided ALL the documents that SCO has requested in their lawsuit.

LINDON, UTAH -- The City of Lindon issued a disaster declaration today after the first tractor-trailer arrived delivering documents from IBM as part of the discovery process in the SCO case.

"Our town simply isn't large enough to support the mass of documents that IBM has been ordered to deliver," said a Lindon city official. "The trucks will destroy our roads, cause traffic gridlock, and create blight within a 20-block radius of the SCO World Headquarters Complex."


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February 10, 2005

Opinion on SCO vs. IBM

An attorney, that goes by marbux on Groklaw, has written an interesting piece on how the SCO vs. IBM case is proceeding from Judge Kimball's point of view.

U.S. lawyers know that what judges do is to pick winners and losers, then help the winners win and help the losers lose. The goal is finality in a dispute. That means helping the winner create a record that has the best chance of being sustained on appeal. Even more importantly, however, Judge Kimball has decided that this case is going to get what judges call "active case management." That means that the judge is dropping the default mode of just letting the lawyers develop the record while the judge plays referee. The judge is going to actively manage development of the record.

This looks good for IBM and Linux.


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November 02, 2004 on Hold

(via GrokLaw) Looks like SCO has cold feet. They are still considering whether or not to start their new website,

Nearly one month after promising to launch the Web site, which was to provide information on SCO's various legal disputes, a number of undisclosed issues are causing the company to have second thoughts on the project, said Janielle Fernandes, a spokeswoman for the Lindon, Utah software vendor. "It's still up for debate whether the Web site will ever go up," she said.


Update 2 NOV 2004
Well maybe not according to Slashdot.

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November 01, 2004 is now

(via GrokLaw). Looks like SCO has changed the named of their new website from to

You might like to know that it is being reported that the url for SCO's new website in competition with Groklaw has been renamed. It is now, a domain name they registered on October 28. I guess they decided to take my advice. I wrote that reeked of bias.


Looks like SCO's site,, is up and running. is also redirected to

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October 15, 2004

We'll Need the Anti-light

(via GrokLaw) I love this quote by Linus in Bob Mims article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Surprising no one, Linus Torvalds, a Finnish programmer considered the father of Linux, scoffed at the notion of SCO's new "anti-Groklaw" remedy.
"Groklaw does nothing but shine the light on what SCO is doing," Torvalds said. "[SCO] are like cockroaches scurrying about in a panic saying, 'we'll need the anti-light.' "


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October 13, 2004 SCO's Answer to GrokLaw

(via InfoWorld). Wow, SCO believes they can improve their image by creating a new site,

"For some time now, if ever there was anyone who wanted to be provided with updates on how things are progressing with regard to the litigation on various fronts, there was never really a site they could go and hear SCO's side of the story," [Blake Stowell] he said. "We'd like to provide a venue for that."

Good Luck Mr. McBride, but my money is on PJ and GrokLaw.


Update 17 OCT 2004
Looks like news of has reached User Friendly.

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July 23, 2004

SCO Trounced

I enjoyed reading these two articles on GrokLaw last night about DaimlerChrysler's victory against SCO.

At 1000 Judge Chabot issued her orders:

Summary disposition is granted except on the matter of breach of section 2.05, in that DC did not submit their response in a timely manner. All other claims were dismissed and she acknowledged that the contract doesn't require certifications that are outside the language of the contract. . . .

At this point, the court session was concluded and the judge left the room. I headed toward the door and proceeded to congratulate the DC attorneys. The SCO attorneys all looked rather discomfitted by the Judge's rulings, realizing that she just gutted their case. I could almost hear the screaming all the way from Utah.


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July 02, 2004

Humor in SCO vs IBM

Looks like Court has a sense of humor in the SCO vs IBM trial.

MR. FREI: ... Right now, we have been impacted by the discovery schedule in this case. There are 40 depositions per side. We would somehow have to fit what we think might be 70 patent depositions into that 40 with the rest of the case. There were 25 interrogatories per side.

THE COURT: You're describing a law firm's billing dream, aren't you?


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May 11, 2004

SCO Shuts Down Polish Office

GrokLaw posts "SCO Shuts Down Polish Office; Former Manager Opens Linux Business." There is even a funny picture at the site.

"It is reported that Alexander Sirotin, former Manager of the Polish office, has started his own business under the name Luxos, that is going to sell SuSE Linux and offer help with migration from SCO systems to Linux. It is also mentioned, that SCO's anti-Linux actions affected sales negatively prior to the closing.


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