A coworker pointed me to this Paul Ford article titled, “What is Code?”, hosted over on Bloomberg. The article is fairly long, but contains a wonderful overview on programming, computers, business, and culture. It’s also well suited for folks who do not come from tech backgrounds.

Some of my favorite gems from article:

  • Keyboard capture visual.
  • Sweaty Ballmer of Microsoft video chanting “Developers”
  • Definition of programmers.

As a class, programmers are easily bored, love novelty, and are obsessed with various forms of productivity enhancement. God help you if you’re ever caught in the middle of a conversation about nutrition; standing desks; the best keyboards; the optimal screen position and distance; whether to use a plain text editor or a large, complex development environment; chair placement; the best music to code to; the best headphones; whether headphone amplifiers actually enhance listening; whether open-plan offices are better than individual or shared offices; the best bug-tracking software; the best programming methodology; the right way to indent code and the proper placement of semicolons; or, of course, which language is better. And whatever you do, never, ever ask a developer about productivity software.

  • The email address validation meeting.
  • Windows 95 video guide with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.

Hacker News has a post on it as well, along with their comment thread.

Happy hacking.