While wasting time perusing web sites last weekend, I came across a wonderfully funny video whereby a group of actors reenact a deposition from real legal case in Ohio.

Lawyer: During your tenure in the computer department at the Recorder’s
office, has the Recorder’s office had a photocopying machine?

Deponent: When you say “photocopying machine” what do you mean?

Lawyer:  Let me be — let me make sure I understand your questions.  You don’t
have an understanding of what a photocopying machine is?

Deponent: No.  I want to make sure that I answer your question correctly.

Deponent’s Lawyer: I’ll object to the tone of your question.  You make it sound
like it’s unbelievable to you that he would know what the definition of a
photocopy machine is

From what I understand, each of the actors from the video spoke verbatim from the deposition record, but had free reign on how to express or embellish as long as they did not change or modified the words from the legal proceeding.

Each time I watch, I keep laughing on how absurd the discussion becomes.


– Chris


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  2. Deposition, starting on page 280 of the scanned pdf.
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