Here in the US, we just finished Thanksgiving, which includes eating leftover turkey sandwiches and watching a lot of college and pro football. Even though my teams didn’t come through over Thanksgiving, life still go on and before you know it’s Christmas.

If you’re like me, you would prefer to shop by eschewing visits to your local stores and handle everything online. In that vein, I found a few links that may help in your quest of purchasing gifts for loved one.

In the Mac Power Users podcast, episode # 255, Katie Floyd and David Sparks talk a great length about different items that would make great gifts for the geek in your family. The best guide links from the show are the online gift guides for the home and tech geek.

I’ll probably order most of my stuff through Amazon, since I’m already a prime member and will not have to pay for shipping.


– Chris


  1. Sweet Home
  2. Wire Cutter
  3. Mac Power Users, Episode #255
  4. Monoprice
  5. Engadget Gift Guide
  6. Boing Boing Gift Guide