Back in May, I received my first rejection letter from Scholastic when I asked about them selling a Kindle version of Harry Potter.  A few days ago, I received a second letter which hints at the possibility of an legal ebook for the Harry Potter series.

I have spoken with the editors about your request.  They told me that Ms. Rowling will release the Harry Potter titles in digital format when she feels the time is right.  I will, of course, forward your letter to Ms. Rowling in the United Kingdom.

Scholastic even included a nice photograph of J.K. Rowling with their response.

I hope more of us Potter fans send letters requesting digital versions of her work.  We might, just might, be able to change her mind.


UPDATE  4 AUG 2008

Today I received a written response from The Christopher Little Literary Agency regarding my request for a Kindle version of the Harry Potter books.  A snippet of their response is below.

We are delighted to hear that you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, but are very sorry to say that the Harry Potter series is not currently available in electronic format.  While some registered organizations in part of the world make electronic versions of the text for the visually impaired, at this moment in time there are no plans for commercial license.

I learned something new today.  First, if you are visually impaired, one can find legal electronic versions of Harry Potter.  And they wrote "at this moment in time," which makes me believe that they might be still debating the issue internally with the liberal use of this clause.  Who is to say what might happen in the next moment in time?