With any new technology, problems tend to crop up from time to time and the Kindle is no different.  This past Sunday, my Kindle did not greet me with my copy of the Austin American-Statesman.  After making sure that I wasn't at fault, like forgetting to turn on Whispernet, I emailed Amazon's customer support team about the my problem and part of their response is listed below.

I have researched this issue and have verified that there has been a delay in the delivery of today's edition of this newspaper. It appears that our developers discovered an error in the file that we received from the publisher of this newspaper, and they are currently working to resolve this situation.

As of 13th, I still do not have a copy of Sunday's paper.  I even went so far as checking my media library on Amazon to see if Sunday's edition was available for download.  No dice.  Oh well, I'll mark this up under early adopter pain.