A few days ago I received an "Official Prizewinner Notification" letter from the dubious Awards Verification Center aka Silverleaf Resorts, 2400 W Pioneer Pkwy, Suite 210, Arlington, TX 76013.  Susan Murray, their Awards Director, stated that I had recently one of four prizes [Mercedes Benz M-Class, BMW X5, Porshe Cayenne, etc.]

After some internet searches, I found out that this outfit is in the Time Share business and seem to have a record with the Dallas BBB.

Article 1
Article 2

*UPDATE*  21 NOV 2006

This is too strange.  Today, I received the "blue post card" in the mail from -- Awards Verification Center.  Susan Murray is still their Awards Director and she wants me to speak to one of her assistants named Sandra or Kim.  Their toll free number is 888-383-7152.

Hmm.  I wander how much they squander on postage for all of these mailings?

Article 3

Article 4 [Fort Worth Star Telegram]

*UPDATE* 5 DEC 2006

You will never guess what I received in the mail today.  A Christmas card from a high school bud? Wrong.  A bill from the cable company?  Wrong again.

Disguised in a yellow and brown envelope, I received another letter from.....the mysterious Awards Verification Center.  They were sending me my FINAL NOTICE.

Upon further review I realized:

  1. They listed a new toll free number 866-804-8591.
  2. Sandra and Kim are still Susan Murray's assistants.
  3. Susan Murray still holds office as the Awards Director.

*UPDATE* 3 AUG 2008

While listening to a Clark Howard Podcast, Clark tells the story about receiving a post card from the Award Verification Center.  [Link to Podcast as MP3]  Podcast --> 7/18/2008 - Hour 1

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