Looks like Netflix has clarified comments made by one of its employee regarding their "Movie Download" service.

In response to recent speculative reports, Netflix today clarified remarks made by one of its employees at a film industry meeting last week.

In remarks during a panel discussion at a meeting of the Independent Film & Television Alliance on Friday, June 16, 2006, Eric Besner, a member of the Netflix content acquisition organization, said that Netflix is developing a proprietary set-top box that would allow subscribers to download movies for viewing on their television sets.

Netflix said that Besner’s comments have subsequently been interpreted to suggest that Netflix has narrowed its downloading strategy to a set-top box product. In fact, Netflix is evaluating a broad range of options, and no decisions have been made regarding specific delivery options or timing. Netflix had earlier indicated that it would discuss its downloading plans more fully in its fourth-quarter earnings announcement in January 2007 and that it is investing $5 to 10 million this year in developing its approach to on-line movie delivery.