Running a Small Online Business
Howard Tayler & Giles Schildt
11:00 AM on 1 OCT 2005

I must admit that I never read Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary prior to attending this session on running an online business. 

Howard gave a wonderful presentation on how he made the transition from getting a paycheck to running your own online business.

First, He covered some basics like coming up with a business plan.   His strip generates revenue from online advertising, merchandising (with superior help from Warehouse 23), and pay-pal donations.

Howard is leveraging the power of Google Adsense to increase his revenue from online advertising.  He did mentioned that you need to have a backup plan just in case your ad provider decides to terminate your account.  As an example, he told the story of how Google shut down his adsense account in their third month.  He did get his account re-instated with the help of some Google employee that happened to be Schlock Mercenary fans.

Focus on your strengths.  Howard can do three things really well and he wanted two of them to be his drawing and writing. He knew that trying to maintain and move inventory can be huge pain so he partnered up with Warehouse 23 to handle all of his merchandising for his strip.

Overall I really enjoyed this session.  Howard posted his own short review on this session as well.