Optimizing Linux
Stu Green
10:00 PM on 30 SEP 2005

I have to admit that most of the material presented here was over my head.  I just not that familiar with tools used to optimize Linux programs.  I have used top before to see what is sucking up my computer performance.

Stu did ask the attendees if anyone had investigated extended attributes on their systems.  He mentioned that people are working on interesting applications by using these attributes as means of associated files with their applications.

Computer Security
Stu Green
11:00 pm on 30 SEP 2005

Most of the discussion during this session center around Stu presenting the Six Dumbest Things in Computer Security by Marcus Ranum. 

Using a Uninterrupted Power Supply "UPS" to clean the incoming power was also mentioned.  Someone also added that they track down a problem a network problem that was caused by power fluctuations in their router.