The Imagination Challenge
Alexander Manu

12 MAR 2005 @ 1000

Even though I arrived late, I really enjoyed Mr. Manu's presentation on imagination and the power of play.

• Told story about the introduction of foam to replace sand for the high jump pit. This change cause an athlete to re-examine his form for the high jump and develop the back jump.
• Told his idea for selling socks as individual clothing items instead of in pairs. He pulled up his pants to show his non-matching socks.
• Dichotomy of Work and Play: Mastery of play, possibilities. What could be possible?
• CPO: Chief Possibilities Officer
• Tactical to protect, Strategic to create

Ramblings from the Ranch
Chipp Walters [bio] and Michael McGar

12 MAR 2005 @ 1130

Mr. Chipp Walters, proudly wearing his cowboy hat, took the lead on this panel.

  • His companies include: Design Edge(1984), Human Code(1995), and Altuit(2000)
  • Magic Carpet, his CVS like tool
  • Button Gadget
  • altSQLLite

Mr. Michael McGar heads Alchemy Studios in Wimberley, TX.

  • Painter for 11 years.
  • Media creation, teacher.

His company produces and creates trainging video for Goverment and Private accounts. He showed a sample training video on how not to blow yourself up.

How to Hot-Wire the Creative Process: Drive it like you stole it
Curt Cloninger [bio] lecturer - University of North Carolina at Asheville

12 MAR 2005 @ 1530

The slides from his presentation can be found online at He covered some interesting topics including tools to help you generate designs.

Blogging without Borders: Bridging the Digital Content Divide - Panel Discussion
Jonas Luster [bio], Sean Bonner, Christopher Ulbrich [bio], Ze Frank [bio], and Hossein Derakshan [bio]
12 MAR 2005 @ 1700

Chris Ulbrich, who doesn't blog, made a few interesting points. All journalists read blogs. How well does a story age? Ze Frank covered contagious media and his dance party video.

Jonas's Bloggers without Borders site