I've done a pretty good job of not posting anything lately, so below is my first update from SXSW.

Ducking Bullets and Blowing Up Barriers:  The Indie Development of Alien Hominid.
11 March 2005 @ 1930 CT
Tom Fulp - NewGrounds.com

Tom performed well considering this was his first time presenting to an audience.  I really enjoyed the part when Tom read one of his worst rejection letter he received trying to get Alien Hominid published as a console game.  The rejection letter included very candid comments from testers.  Ouch.

Tom told another funny story about one of his friends who happened to instant message him one day about a review he just read -- in Playboy magazine.  Tom thought that was too cool to have a review about Alien Hominid in Playboy.

Other highlights from his talk include: 
  - 18 months from start to finish to get Alien Hominid completed
  - Sold about 50,000 units of Alien Hominid
  - Received teen rating, instead of mature reading, (whew!)