About two weekends ago, I purchased my first portable music player, Apple's 20gig iPod.  Since I finally got to use a $100 Best Buy gift card, I'm only out $200 plus tax.

I've been holding off on purchasing a music player for some time, because I never thought I would really have a compelling use for it.  I really don't listen to music very often and I prefer tuning into a good radio talk show while driving.

After two weeks of playing with my iPod, I came to realize that my assumption that the iPod was just for music lovers was completely wrong.  I just found a new tool for listening to wide range of talk radio programs, via podcasts and the iPodder software.

At first, I just manually downloaded mp3 files that I thought I would enjoy like the talk Steve Wozniak gave at Gnomdex 4.0 and Adam Curry's presentation at Bloggercon.  I just stuffed these mp3's into iTunes and sync'd my iPod.  After listening to Adam's talk, I installed iPodder and downloaded even more podcasts to sample. 

This is just plain cool.