(via Gizmodo) Hacking Netflix posted an in-depth review of Netflix's new feature of setting up different queues for each family member.

Netflix today launched a new Web site feature that enables customers to create up to five separate "profiles" for family members. Internally called the "marriage saver," this should end a lot of arguments over rental choices. The main account is the administrator, and new users can be added in the My Account section of the Web site. You switch between users by using the new profile selector in the header graphic.

I can see another use for this new feature, watching a DVD series without inconveniencing your regular movie distribution. For example, I just finished watching the six DVD anime series, Cowboy Bebop. Since I'm on the three (3) movies out plan, I carefully orchestrated my movie queue so I would only check out a single Cowboy Bebop DVD at any one time. That way, my wife and I could still enjoy two regular movies during the week.