This morning I finally got around to researching Apple's .DS_Store files.  I've notice these files on my Windows server, whenever I connect my powerbook to move files.  I have found .DS_Store files on my USB thumb drives as well.  If you use Apple's OS X operating system, you probably have these files littered all over your file system.  The best explanation I found on .DS_Store file is listed below. (via TinkerTool)

The .DS_Store files are created by the Finder during its normal course of operation but they are invisible by default. The Finder will automatically put a .DS_Store file into every folder you have opened. These files are used to save the positions of icons, the size of the respective Finder window, the window's background, and many more view options. While professional users consider the .DS_Store files to be a design flaw of the Mac OS X Finder, a mechanism like this is necessary when opening Finder windows for exchangeable disk media to give former users of the classic Mac OS the same user experience they had in previous operating system versions. If you don't like to see the .DS_Store files, replace the Finder by a better file management application.

I located another site, Rixstep,  discussing .DS_Store files with an Apple employee.

If you need a short script to remove these peevish files, try the one-liner I found on Macromedia's site.

sudo find / -name ".DS_Store" -depth -exec rm {} \;