(via OS News) What a great headline, "Will Linux finish off the Mac?". Even the author, David Berlind, thought it was over the top.

A headline like that is bound to draw the ire of the Macintosh faithful.
For any technology to finish off the Mac--and by the Mac, I mean the OS X operating system--it will have to wipe out demand for the desktop version of OS X. Apple has some very cool OS X-based servers, but they haven’t been key to Apple’s survival. Apple’s desktop devotees have played a critical role in helping the company achieve some success with a blend of desktop and notebook systems and entertainment solutions. Judging by the toll that Linux has taken on Windows on the server side, it only stands to reason that it could do similar damage to other desktop encampments.

As long as Apple keeps producing stunning hardware, they are still in the game. I love my 12" powerbook and look forward to a new version in a year or two.


Update 13 OCT 2004
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