(via Geek Notes) Wow another text editor for the mac. I'll tryout TextMate over the next few days, but BBEdit 7 is still working for me as my GUI editor of choice. On the command line, I'm a VIM junkie.


Update 10 OCT 2004
Looks like TextMate has trouble opening large text files (99 MB). After waiting a few mintues watching the spinning wheel, I just killed the TextMate process. BBEdit 7.1.4 loads the same large file in about 13 seconds on my machine (12" powerbook, G4 processor on 10.3)

Update 11 Oct 2004
I received a quick and polite reply from Allan Odgaard on TextMate.

Yes, the priority for the first release was functionality. I'll improve/fix handling of large files as we go along :)