Chris Pirillo has requested your comments and feedback to help plan Gnomedex 5.0.

Instead of asking attendees and participants to fill out a pre-defined survey, I thought I'd use this page to give you the opportunity to tell us about what you liked and disliked this year. Then, please tell us what you want us to do next year (even if you didn't make it this time around).


  1. Location. Lake Tahoe is beautiful.
  2. Nice hotel room. My room had plenty of space, nice desk, and even two bathrooms.
  3. Polite and helpful Gnomedex staff.
  4. Late start times.
  5. Silicon Valley Houserockers, cool band. The CD was a plus.
  6. Tables for attendees. I need a place for my laptop, notebook, and camera. Thanks for removing the rows of chairs.
  7. Free PayPal Hacks book
  8. My kids loved the colorful Google pin.


  1. Coordinating transportation from hotel to airport. I was planning on taking the bus from RNO to Tahoe, but a fellow gnomedexer, jr, extended me an invitation to ride with him in a rental car.
  2. Hotel did not provide high speed internet in my room. They did offer some weird Internet TV keyboard combo, but I would prefer to use my own laptop with either wireless or cat5 cable connection in my hotel room.
  3. The early promotion of Gnomedex 4 as a geek drunk fest. Some of us plan on convincing our employers to pay for the conference, and the promotion of the '3 day open bar' makes the task difficult.
  4. Few power outlets available near tables for our laptops and gizmos.
  5. Didn't get a chance to purchase my Gnomedex 4 T-shirt.


  1. High Speed Internet in hotel room via Ethernet jack or wireless so I can use my own laptop.
  2. Provide power strips at each table.
  3. Business cards. I met a bunch of cool people and I wish I had some non-work related business cards to share. Something as simple as name, web site, email address, with a Gnomedex logo would work. Would you consider providing a stack of business cards to gnomedexers at a nominal fee?
  4. Transcription Service. I would really like to get access to all the discussions and panels in text format for further digestion after the conference. MP3's would be nice as well.
  5. Boss approval documentation for Gnomedex. If I can remember correctly, Randy (Furo) provided some documentation that made it very easier to get my boss to sign off on my expenses for Gnomedex 3.
  6. Provide an easier method to meet/find other bloggers on the Gnomedex blogroll.