Even though I only attended Linucon  on Friday, I had good time.  Rob Landley and crew put together a great show and I enjoyed listening to Rob's misfortunes about his laptop that had to be duct tape back together.

At 5:30 I caught a presentation by Mars Society member Jonathan Ribble  on the Mars Direct program.  According to Jonathan, the material he covered is also in  Dr. Robert Zubrin's book "The Case for Mars."

At 7:00 I sat in on a panel covering "Anime 101: What is This Anime Thing Anyway?"    The three panelists, Dr. Susan Napier, Chase Hoffman and Greg Simoes, provided a ton of information about Anime - prononuced "Anna-May."  All three appeared to be highly qualified to answer any question on Anime.  One audience member asked, "What would you recommend to someone who hasn't watch Anime before?"  Answers included, Cowboy BeBop and Spirited Away.

Next,  I followed the crowd to the Con Suite were I witnessed the making of ice cream by using liquid nitrogenWil Wheaton was offered the first bowl because he had to leave to give his talk.  On a side note, Wil confessed that he prefers Vi over Emacs. Cool.

At 10:00, I listened to Jay Maynard, dressed in his Tron costume,  and Stu Green, founder of Austin Linux Group, discuss different Linux distros.  Most of the discussions dealt with the different package managers strengths: RPM, Apt-get, and Emerge from Gentoo. 

  • IPCop - linux distro tailored for a firewall
  • Knoppix - best hardware detection
  • SuSE - best full blown distro for new user
  • Debian - political distro, aka GNU Linux

At 11:30, I sat in on  "Intro to Python."  Rob Landley, who looked worn-out and tired, gave an introduction to Python focusing on the language's type system.  Rob also referred to the Python site for more information and  tutorials.


Update 10 Oct 2004
Wil handed out audio CDs with excerpts from his book "Just a Geek" as read by Wil himself.  Since he released it under a creative commons license, I can legally rip it to MP3 for sharing.