It's Monday night and I have the TV tuned into Monday Night Football. Below are some of the notes I made during the second day of Gnomedex.

Future of Online Content:

Wil Wheaton:
Wil reads selected stories from his two books. I was surprised that he droped the f*** bomb more than Jason Calacanis. :-) Anyway, I enjoyed Wil's stories so much that I purchased "Just a Geek" today during lunch.

Future of Online Advertising:

  • Google Adsense - Chris Pirillo swears by it!
  • - Dave Taylor confirms that one can use Blogads with Google Adsense.
  • Amazon Affiliate - Dave Taylor seemed to be the only person in the room making any decent money from this program.
  • FOAF Project - Friend of a Friend Project

After dinner, Scott Gatz gave a presentation on Yahoo's new beta of MyYahoo. Nice.
Next, Chris Pirillo gave a 20 minute talk on the past, present and future of Lockergnome. Chris is planning Gnomedex 5.0.

I also watched "Primer" at Harveys.