Walter Mossberg writes a strong recommendation for Apple's new G5 iMac in today's edition of the WSJ.

I am writing these words on the most elegant desktop computer I've ever used, a computer that is not only uncommonly beautiful but fast and powerful, virus-free and surprisingly affordable.
I felt the same way when I started using my 12" powerbook.
About the only important feature the new iMac G5 lacks is a built-in reader for memory cards used in digital cameras, PDAs and smart phones, which is becoming common in better Windows desktops.
Agreed, but not a show stopper.
And it frees users from the worry and expense of battling viruses and spyware, because there has never been a successful virus targeting the Mac operating system, and there is little or no spyware for the Mac. The many thousands of viruses and spyware programs that afflict Windows can't run on, or harm, Macs.
This reason alone is why I recommend Apple to friends and family. Apple does not get pounded with daily viruses and spyware.