If you're in the market for a how-to book on creating your first web site, I would recommend "Creating Cool Web Sites" by Dave Taylor

Dave starts by explaining what exactly is the World Wide Web.  He walks the reader through computer lingo like URL, FTP, web browsers, TELNET, etc.  One point made by Dave, that I completely agree with, is that you do not need to purchase any fancy software to start building some really slick web pages.  Just by using Notedpad, a text editor that comes with windows, you can write HTML, the language of web pages.  TextEdit on the Mac is another free text editor.

Dave provides good instruction on Casccading Style Sheets (CSS), which can streamline html formatting.  He also covers good coding habits like using <br /> instead of <br>.  To get the most out of this book, I would highly recommend following Dave's examples.


Title:Creating Cool Web Sites
ISBN: 0-7645-6738-6
Author: Dave Taylor