I agree with some of Marc Hedlun's grievances on watching the new Harry Potter film. I did go out and see HP3 last Friday at a local Austin theatre. I considered myself a bit lucky to buy three adult tickets ($8.00 per) for the midnight showing considering all other showings that evening had sold out.

Below are my complaints with the movie theatre experience:

  1. Advertising. [Agree] Trailers are ok, but any other advertising should be banned.
  2. Noisy Neighbors. [Agree] I didn't really hear any talking during the show, but I do find it extremely irritating.
  3. Phone & Pagers. [Agree] I guess I lucked out on this one too, since I didn't hear anyone taking calls during the movie.
  4. Price. [Agree] I find $24.00 for three tickets a little steep, when you compare just purchasing the DVD for under $20.
  5. Parking. [Disagree] Free parking.
  6. Snacks. [Disagree] Popcorn, candy and drinks have been overpriced as far back as I can remember. Deal with it.