While driving home from dinner, I was listening to the Clark Howard Show on the radio. Clark was talking about this personal A/C unit that cools the body using RTX, Rapid Thermal Exchange technology.

When Clark's wife was pregnant with their now four-year-old, she would get very uncomfortable on hot days to the point where it was almost unbearable. Clark saw an ad for a personal air-conditioner and went to the mall to buy it. It didn’t work, but now someone has invented one that does. The only difference is that it costs about $4,000 more than the one Clark bought. Avacor Technologies has designed a new personal air conditioning unit called “Core Control” that is becoming huge among pro sports teams and athletes. Basically, you put your arm into this device and in five minutes, you are cool. It uses the palm of your hand as a direct pathway to the body’s core. It uses RTX or Rapid Thermal Exchange, and it has the ability to cool you down and give you more stamina. Two professors from Stanford University developed the device, and the U.S. Olympic Committee is now using it.

Looks like this RTX device has been tested by a few sports teams.