Chad Dickerson wrote a piece titled, "Documentation Dilemma,"  that got me thinking about writing and maintaining documentation.

You can read Ambler’s complete essay for yourself, but if I could pick the part of his approach that I most identify with, I would choose these sentences: “The best documentation is the simplest that gets the job done. Don’t create a 50-page document when a five-page one will do. Don’t create a five-page document when five bullet points will do. Don’t create an elaborate and intricately detailed diagram when a sketch will do. Don’t repeat information found elsewhere when a reference will do. Write in point form. Document only enough to provide a useful context.”

I hate to write documentation, even for myself.  But on certain tasks, I have started to write checklists with POD.  If find POD simple to use and it gets the job done.

A few years ago, I wrote my own sysadmin manual using GNU's TexInfo. Then I ended up moving the manual to the LaTeX format.  I might end up moving my sysadmin manual to POD.