I have to admit I did not notice the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. I also missed the streaker right before the second half of the game started.

So while driving to work this morning, I was bombarded with descriptions of the half-time show from talk radio listeners. Now this is where Tivo comes handy. I came home today and fast forwarded to the half-time show and low and behold, I SAW it. Regardless of what Justin Timberlake claims, the whole event looked staged to me.

Although Timberlake issued a statement shortly after the show blaming the debacle on a "wardrobe malfunction," in comments to the syndicated show Access Hollywood right after the incident, he didn't seem too sorry.



Then there was the halftime show after the halftime show. Art Spander, columnist for the Oakland Tribune, said he was watching through binoculars as a streaker appeared.

"The guy walked out and kneeled down by the ball, and he had a referee's stripes on," Spander said. "He pulls this thing (apparently an easily removed costume) off, and he's stripped nude, nothing but a G-string."

The man danced and pranced in front of the ball as members of the Carolina Panthers waited to kick off. Then, as security guards rushed onto the field, he ran in the direction of the New England Patriots on the field. Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham belted him, and he was swarmed by the security guards and quickly carried off the field.

The incident was not televised.