Jeff Carlson wrote a nice piece, "A Sad Fan of Netflix Fanatic."

Before you shake your head and wonder how I managed to pass basic high school math and economics classes, you must understand that only part of my monthly cost, in my view, is going toward supplying me with movies on a regular basis. I'm more than happy to pay because Netflix gives me what I've otherwise been unable to keep consistent: an ongoing list of movies to watch.

When someone recommends a movie to me, it goes into my Netflix Queue. This is especially good for those classic movies that everyone I know has seen, but which I've somehow missed. With my persistent Netflix Queue, I no longer have to stand in Big Corporate Video Rental Store at 10:00 PM racking my brain to remember the title of the Oscar-winning film directed by that guy and starring what's-her-name.

Jeff is right. The queue is a great feature. I love opening two web pages, my netflix queue and a movie page from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. I can quickly scan the upcoming releases and add the movies I want to watch.


UPDATED - 22 OCT 2003

Last night I finally got around to playing with Netflix Fanatic. I didn't tryout the shuffle command, but it does seem to work as advertise. I still wish Netflix was add "Head Shots" of all the actors and directors. I remember faces better than names.