Getting my series 2 tivo on the network was painless.  I did run cat 5 cable and use tivo's recommended usb nic.

Another tivo enthusiast shares his frustration with setting up his series 2 with a wi-fi usb nic.  He did succeed in the end.


UPDATE 30 AUG 2003

Tivo puts new wi-fi instructions up on their web site.


If you are looking for wireless telephone extenders, which basically allows you to share your phone line without having to run a telephone cord along your living room floor, I found two models on Amazon that might work for you.

1) Phonex PX-441
2) RCA RC930

If you are searching for a usb based cat5 network adapter, I went with the Linksys model.  Weakess has different USB ethernet adapters that are guaranteed to work with your tivo.