Grant Barrett authored a two-part series on providing freelance tech support. His writing provides insight into making this career change a dependable source of income.

What I do for a living is private computer consulting. This is a highfalutin way of saying "freelance tech support." I help small businesses with their computer problems. I'm a generalist: I tackle just about anything, although I shy away from cable pulls and down-and-dirty hardware repairs that require soldering guns or ohm meters. I specialize in end-user support. I target small businesses, usually with fewer than 25 people. I have more than twenty-four clients. I work from 50 to 70 hours a week. I handle all my own client acquisitions, marketing, billing and the support work itself.

Slashdot carried the two stories as well.


Update 18 OCT 2004
It appears that these two articles are no longer available. It did find links to them on the WayBack Machine, Internet Archive.
First Article
Second Article