I found some more interesting articles covering the SCO vs. IBM legal debate. I'm still in the camp that believes SCO's legal threats have no merit on my personal/commercial use of Lunix. Then again, I'm not a lawyer.

Eric Raymond and Rob Landley came up with their position paper on the SCO debate, which also covers Unix history. I took an introductory linux/unix course taught by Rob Landley a few years ago. He exposed me to the open source world covering Unix history, licensing model and the famous GNU project. Thanks Rob!


Additional Links on SCO vs. IBM

23 JUN 2003
Richard Stallman, aka RMS, talks about SCO. So does Linus Torvalds.

21 JUL 2003
Mitch Kapor, creator of 1-2-3 spreadsheet, answers questions on SCO.

1 AUG 2003
Slashdot posted Professor Eben Moglen's legal opinions (PDF) on the SCO issue.

4 Aug 2003
Red Hat intends to sue SCO.

5 AUG 2003
Michael D. Crawford thinks the SCO executives should be put behind bars.

7 AUG 2003
IBM returns fire and files counterclaims against SCO.

9 AUG 2003
Winn Quon writes "Linux Lucky Lawsuit."

11 AUG 2003
Thomas Carey writes SCO vs. the Linux world
what's a Linux user to do

13 AUG 2003
More comments from RMS on SCO.

20 AUG 2003
Bruce Perens writes his analysis of SCO's Las Vegas slide show.

22 AUG 2003
Eric Raymond (ESR) blasts the CEO of SCO with his open letter to Darl McBride.

24 AUG 2003
ESR writes "Let SCO Hang Itself."

26 AUG 2003
Rob Landley and ESR write "Halloween IX: It Ain't Necessarily SCO".

2 SEP 2003
SCO sends out Linux Invoices

8 SEP 2003
Eric Raymond writes the comparator. EWeek has a nice article covering it. [Will Linux Luminary 'Shred' SCO's Unix Claims?]

13 SEP 2003
SCO Admits To Not Knowing Own Code History in Recent Q&A

20 SEP 2003
Groklaw's Open Letter to SCO's CEO Darl McBride

1 OCT 2003
Joe Firmage's open-source letter to SCO.

10 OCT 2003
Redhat put's more pressure on SCO by requesting tons of documentation for discovery.

15 OCT 2003
SCO backs off Linux invoice plan

22 OCT 2003
SCO only sells licenses to the top companies

5 NOV 2003
IBM puts pressure on SCO

11 NOV 2003
IBM Subpoenas SCO Investors

19 NOV 2003
SCO To Expand Its Lawsuit Beyond Linux (BSD)

24 NOV 2003
SCO: Without Fear and Without Research by Eben Moglen

30 NOV 2003
Another GrokLaw article titled, "Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die" by PJ

4 DEC 2003
Another letter from SCO's CEO, Daryl McBride.

9 DEC 2003
SCO's House of Suits