I guess I'm still old school since I took notes with pen and paper instead of typing and beaming them to my blog. If for some sick reason you want to peruse my chicken scratch, just download the notes link on the left. Each PDF runs around 200-500 kb.


  • Nelson Minar - Google - Notes [PDF]
    Google: Relevance and Results

    Nelson was the first speaker of the conference and covered Google well. His company 'hires bright people' so they can 'work on things that matter' and 'solve problems with algorithms.'
    Google indexes 3 billion documents a month (some are updated more frequently like blogger and news sites). Google strives to provides your search results under half a second by leveraging their large linux cluster running Google's own http server called GWS. [netcraft reports GWS].

  • Eric Sink - Source Gear - Notes [PDF]
    Experiences with .NET from a Geek CEO Perspective

    Eric started out his presentation on a funny note be declaring himself as Not a Legend. Next he dragged out a life sized cardboard cutout of himself. Really funny stuff. He covered his company's experiences with .NET. He also finally answered the question everyone on the planet wanted to know. What the Hell is .NET? The short answer is tools, components, and libraries -- just think Java.

  • Rob Malda - Slashdot - Notes [PDF]
    Slashdot in 60 Minutes or Less

    Rob, aka CmdrTaco, took a different approach when he went on stage. No slides, no slogans, just ask what ever you wanted to know about Slashdot. I liked it. Rob was just being himself with his ramblings and antidotes about Slashdot. I liked the story that Slash started off running on a machine under his desk. This machine would also provided smtp (mail) services for the company as well and would sometimes get so overloaded that mail would not get through to the office.

  • Kevin Unangst - Microsoft - Notes [PDF]

    Kevin is still excited to be working for Microsoft after 11 years. His sincerity shined through his entire presentation which covered Microsoft's audio and video goodies. He showed a pre-release demo of Halo for the PC. Very cool. Later that evening Microsoft showed two BMW films and a Surfer movie which ran too long. All the movies were displayed using Media Player 9 on a standard PC. Sweet.