Here is Day 2's stuff.


  • Chris Pirillo - Lockergnome - Notes [PDF]
    The Death of E-mail Marketing

    Chris announced on Friday he was going to squeeze in his RSS talk on Saturday morning at 9:00 am. Luckily I made it back to the convention hall at 9:05 to catch his presentation. Chris is very passionate about what RSS can achieve.

  • Jim Louderback - Ziff-Davis Media - Notes [PDF]
    Building a Home Theater PC

    Jim showed how you could use a Shuttle PC and Snap Stream software to create a DVR like Tivo. Everything he showed looked promising, but it wasn't as polished as Tivo's interface. This is definitely for the Power-User.

  • Tim O'Reilly - O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. - Notes [PDF]
    Internet Paradigm Shift

    I was real excited when I found out that Tim O'Reilly would be speaking at Gnomedex. My favorite quote is, "How many of you use Google? Amazon? Ebay? Congratulations you are all Linux users." Tim kept up the pace of providing great insight on how the Internet is already beginning to change things. Great stuff.[PPT Slides]

  • John C. Dvorak - Technology Columnist - Notes [PDF]
    The Next Big Thing -- emerging trends that will reignite enthusiasm in technology

    John should have changed the title of his presentation to 'emerging comments that will incite bloggers and mac enthusiats.' When you listen to John, please take MOST of his opinions with a grain or more of salt. He was very funny and acted more like a standup comedian than tech columnist. He really had me laughing on how to steal a powerpoint slide from the Internet and make it your own.

  • Dan Gillmor - San Jose Mercury News - Notes [PDF]
    The Rise of Personal Publishing (and RSS)

    Dan's talk was a complete 180 degree turn on Dvorak's style. He came across to me as a soft spoken and thoughtful. He pushed good themes like "My readers know more than I do," and covered different sites like gizmodo, feedster, and technorati. He also addressed the ongoing debate over digital content control and even suggested donating to the EFF as a way to get involved.