While browsing various web sites today, I came across another success story about Knoppix.

I first heard about Knoppix from my LUG's mailing list. A member was boasting on the merits of Knoppix as a Linux Demo tool for windows users. I came to find out later, the *really* slick use of Knoppix is rescue CD. You can pop it into the cd tray of a computer, and boot up Linux. It really does a remarkable job of detecting hardware.

My Own Success Story

You have been there. The win95 computer won't boot. It just sits there displaying the Windows 95 boot screen. Arghhhh!

So I tried booting up my copy of Knoppix. I placed the CD in the computer and booted it up. I had to change the bios to boot from CD first instead of the hard drive.

After a long wait (old 200 MHz AMD K-6 computer) the Knoppix GUI came up with a default KDE desktop. I check to make sure the network was working and then I selected the option "Start SSH Server." I jumped onto my workstation and connected via ssh. I ran some pscp copy commands and I had successfully transferred data off the non-booting machine.

What are you waiting for? Get the iso.