I read an interesting article in Network World Fusion on spam. Two authors get the chance to argue for technology or law to combat the spam epidemic. Paul Grahm, best known for his paper,"A Plan for Spam,"advocates using filtering technology to fight spam. Jason Cattlet, President and founder of Junkbusters Corp, argues his case for introducing laws to fight spammers.

I think a combination of both law and technology will slowly start to weaken the growth of spam. Some interesting links on this controversial subject are below.

  1. EFF's Position Paper Have you donated?
  2. Lawerence Lessig's Spam Bounty Hunters
  3. Chip Rosenthal's comments for DNSBL
  4. My post about RMX
  5. David E. Sorkin's site on Spam Laws
  6. David E. Sorkin's Technical and Legal Approaches to Unsolicited Electronic Mail
  7. List of known DNSBL